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Save up to 30% of your energy expenses with AEMACO’s industry leading solutions.


What is AEMACO?

AEMACO is a revolutionary hardware and software solution that enables remote control and monitoring of air conditioning units without modifying your existing system. With compatibility across major brands of split and window units, our device offers efficient energy management and can be programmed for temperature management and scheduling.


Our solution operates on a parallel private radio network, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi or internet connectivity within the building. We also provide smart electricity and water metering devices for comprehensive utilization monitoring. AEMACO is committed to helping businesses reduce costs, increase sustainability, and optimize energy efficiency.

What Is An Energy Management System?

An Energy Management System optimizes energy consumption and fosters sustainability. It empowers businesses and institutions to oversee and regulate air conditioning systems, effectively reducing energy costs and minimizing their carbon footprint.

The type of software is highly adaptable, connected to digital smart meters for comprehensive monitoring of energy use, and integrates cutting-edge AI technology to learn from usage patterns and automatically optimize energy utilization.

What Makes AEMACO So Special?

Unlike conventional AC units, AEMACO’s cutting-edge technology offers a multitude of ways to take complete control of your air conditioning experience with remote accessibility, personalized programmability, and real-time energy consumption insights. AEMACO sets a new standard in streamlined, user-friendly solutions, far surpassing the limitations of traditional AC units.


AEMACO excels in early maintenance detection, ensuring prompt servicing and minimizing disruptions. With seamless compatibility and integration capabilities, it effortlessly connects with other devices and systems, providing an integrated ecosystem.

So What Are the Types of
Energy Management Systems?



The on-site installation of hardware components like sensors and controllers to collect and optimize energy usage in real-time, providing precise energy use.


Relies on cloud-based software to collect energy usage data, which is then analyzed using machine learning algorithms to identify energy-saving opportunities and provide valuable insights.


Combines on-site hardware components with cloud-based software for data analysis and optimization, balancing precision and cost-effectiveness in managing energy usage.


Designed for individual systems or buildings, offering basic functionality and cost-effectiveness but with limited customization and flexibility.


Connects with other building management systems, providing a comprehensive solution for managing multiple systems together. They can be more efficient but require thorough planning and installation.

Our Solutions



Remotely control air conditioning units without modifications and easily schedule temperature settings from anywhere. Air-Econ is ideal for large commercial buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, and multi-unit properties, ensuring optimal energy management and cost reduction.

Compatible with all major brands, Air-Econ goes beyond remote control and provides valuable insights into power expenditure, maintenance issues, and attribute violations. As an IoT device, Air-Econ integrates with other smart systems, enabling centralized oversight and data-driven decisions.

Energy Management Solution

Our all-in-one platform allows you to easily manage and regulate every aspect of your energy consumption, providing valuable insights into your resource allocation. Harness the power of advanced AI algorithms that analyze usage patterns and intelligently optimize how you are using your energy, leading to significant cost savings over time.


AEMACO’s AI-powered energy monitoring software is designed to manage multiple buildings or assets, making tracking air conditioning systems across various locations. Take advantage of scheduling and alert features to optimize energy usage, manage AC schedules, and receive maintenance alerts.

Save money. Save time. Save the environment.

AEMACO’s air conditioner energy saver is the ideal solution for businesses in hot and arid climates looking to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and ensure a comfortable environment for their employees and customers. 

Our smart air conditioning device offers a comprehensive solution for your business with smart filters, energy consumption reports, multitasking, schedules and alerts, record consumption, easy installation, private wireless network, and improved energy efficiency. 

Contact us today to learn more about how AEMACO’s device can benefit your organization, or schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to start saving money and energy today.


Why choose us?

Thanks to decades of experience in how to reduce energy consumption and our dedication to innovation, we can help you optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and achieve your sustainability goals.


We have years of experience developing and implementing eco-saving solutions for businesses in hot and arid climates. 


Our eco-saving AI air con device is a cutting-edge solution that leverages the latest technology to optimize energy usage and reduce costs in line with regulations for energy consumption in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Features smart filters that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that you get the most out of our solution.

Easy installation

Installed and configured within five minutes for each unit, without requiring any modification to the unit, hence having no impact on the manufacturer’s AC warranty. This means that you can start benefiting from your device immediately without any disruption to your operations.

Elite efficiency:

Enables you to reduce energy consumption and costs while maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and customers. By optimizing energy usage based on usage patterns and occupancy, you can achieve significant cost savings and reduce your environmental footprint.


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