what is energy saver on air conditioner

What is energy saver on air conditioner units?

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been a significant shift in the ability of AC units to move with the times and to offer sustainable solutions to businesses that want to align with carbon emission expectations. 

Furthermore, manufacturers have also modernized their approach, and with the evolving technologies at their disposal, they have created units that fulfill the growing demand and need for environmentally conscious products.

For commercial buildings, smart AC devices provide far greater control over energy usage and put the power in the hands of your operations. 

Especially in countries where climates are extreme.

Leaving behind traditional AC units is the first step to dramatically saving on energy costs. 

With the introduction of devices like our own Air-Econ, your organization can extract exceptional ROI and save as much as 30% on your energy bills. 

Key Takeaways 

Energy Savings Potential:

  • Smart AC units have the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 20-30% compared to traditional, non-smart AC units. Adjusting settings remotely and optimizing cooling based on occupancy and external conditions contributes to these savings.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

  • Businesses that use smart AC units can save between 10-30% on cooling costs by implementing remote monitoring and control. These systems allow facility managers to adjust temperature settings, schedules, and modes from anywhere with an internet connection.

Occupancy-Based Cooling:

  • Occupancy sensors can detect when a room or space is unoccupied and automatically adjust temperature settings or turn off, reducing energy waste. The occupancy-based approach can yield significant energy savings.

Load Shifting:

  • Businesses can implement load-shifting strategies with smart AC units to avoid peak demand charges and lower their electricity costs by pre-cooling spaces during off-peak hours and reducing cooling during peak hours.

Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS):

  • Many businesses integrate smart AC units with their BMS. This integration allows for centralized control of all HVAC systems, leading to more coordinated and efficient cooling throughout a building.

Energy Efficiency Standards:

  • Smart AC units often comply with energy efficiency standards and certifications, such as ENERGY STAR. These standards ensure that the units meet specific efficiency criteria, resulting in energy savings.

Data Analytics:

  • Some smart AC systems use data analytics to optimize cooling based on historical usage patterns and real-time data. This data-driven approach can further enhance energy efficiency.

Cost Benefits:

  • Long-term energy savings often offset the initial investment in smart AC units. Additionally, businesses may be eligible for energy efficiency rebates or incentives offered by utility companies.

Environmental Impact:

  • Energy-efficient cooling solutions have a positive environmental impact, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production and contributing to sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Smart AC units often come with remote diagnostics and maintenance features. These capabilities can save costs by identifying and addressing issues before they result in system failures or reduced efficiency.

So what is energy saver on air conditioner units and how does it work?

In stark contrast to the clunky and inconvenient means of control that are associated with traditional AC systems, energy savers can be controlled via a host of IoT-controlled devices from anywhere in the building.

With a growing list of features and connectivity, smart AC devices are taking over the commercial building energy conservation space. 

While it may be tempting to think of these smart devices as some sort of fantastically complicated technology, their appeal lies not only in the amount of energy they can save but in how easy they are to use for anyone in your organization. 

Quickly installed and able to pair with most existing units, smart AC controllers work by connecting any number of devices to a Wi-Fi network (and even without) to offer centralized access to scheduling, consumption insights, geofencing, and sensors. 

What is energy saver on air conditioner units going to do for your business? 

The answer is simple. It will save you time, energy, and money. 

The initial outlay on smart AC units and devices should never discourage any organization from considering them. 

They come with a host of features that are all designed to provide more control and less energy waste and have the ability to transform your consumption.

Saving on Consumption

One of the biggest drivers of the success of smart AC control is the amount of energy that can be saved. 

The contribution of temperature control to the overall energy bills, both in the medium and longer term, can be a significant obstacle to saving money. 

With the amount of carbon emissions that accompany these wastages creating even further need for these devices, it is the most simple and effective solution for organizations that want to conserve energy as well as stay on track for their net-zero goals. 

What is energy saver on air conditioner technology going to do to save on consumption?

  • Smart AC devices ensure less energy is used once the desired temperature has been reached
  • This means no additional energy is wasted by being at full capacity at all times
  • Scheduling means daily and weekly energy goals can be set and met efficiently 
  • Provide real-time feedback about your consumption 

Superior Efficiency

So what is energy saver on air conditioner systems doing to revolutionize efficiency?

Legacy HVAC systems require permanent babysitting. And even when there is a designated employee to ensure the temperature is as it should be, there are still inefficiencies in the ways that energy is used and where. 

With a smart AC unit and the related connected devices, the ability for organizations to leave buildings to their set schedules, whether occupied or unoccupied, is a tremendously effective means of saving on energy costs. 

The ability to control entire buildings, and even sections within those buildings, with remote smart devices, is a holistic and highly effective way to take a granular approach to the way that energy is expended. 

Comfort and Convenience

In a building occupied by employees or tenants, comfort is a major consideration. Being able to create a healthy balance between saving on energy consumption and providing the required levels of comfort can be a delicate process. 

But what is energy saver on air conditioner units going to do to help it run at optimal levels of both in the times that matter most? 

  • Multiple automation modes mean temperatures are changed without the need for intervention
  • They detect and understand temperature settings to provide optimal conditions 
  • Allow temperatures to be raised or lowered at designated times of occupancy
  • Achieve the highest accuracy with no fluctuations in temperature

Predictive Maintenance 

Building management excellence requires the gift of foresight.

You need to know the health and status of every unit to prevent costly repairs and the effects of that unit experiencing downtime within the context of the building itself. 

With smart ACs and controllers, building managers eliminate the need for regularly scheduled maintenance and the uncertainty over whether it is needed. 

Smart ACs keep a close eye on your usage and are capable of running diagnostics that let you know when there is a risk of failure on units. 

With timely notifications about consumption and data-driven insights into optimal maintenance intervals, units can even have their lifespan extended with the help of predictive insights.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

With the looming threat of global climate change, regulations and policies have been implemented to combat the hundreds of millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every single year.

With the rising emissions recorded, there has never been a more crucial time for businesses and organizations to get their climate change goals in order and have them met consistently. 

What is energy saver on air conditioner technology going to do to cut these emissions? 

By deploying advanced sensors and triggers that detect the number of emissions and regulate the output of units, smart ACs can have a major impact on meeting climate goals. 

  • Traditional AC units contribute far more to greenhouse emissions due to their inefficiency 
  • They are also highly susceptible to leakages that have significant negative effects
  • Smart AC units put far less strain on grids and regulate their contribution to carbon footprints
  • With their ability to be controlled remotely, there is no consumption outside of operational times

Consumption Analytics

How much more efficiency could you unlock if you had access to every important metric concerning your organization’s energy consumption? 

What is energy saver on air conditioner units without the opportunity to gather critical data?

This is the power of IoT-connected energy management systems that connect to smart AC units. 

Being fed real-time data and analytics from your smart AC means that you can make better decisions about your usage and create strategies that maximize your energy consumption. 

Making informed decisions about your consumption patterns is key to creating strategies and allows building managers to plan in advance to meet specific goals. 

By completing audits and spotting irregular usage across entire building sections, smart ACs offer a highly detailed glimpse into the past and future of any building’s consumption. 

Take your building to a bright green future of unprecedented energy savings with our cutting-edge solutions

With our intelligent energy-saving solutions, we can take your organization into an era of exceptional ROI that uses the very latest technologies and years of research and development to create industry-leading products that scale. 

With AEMACO, you can save up to 30% on your energy bills while taking back full control of your consumption and insights into your usage at the tap of a button. 

Highly customizable, super-connective, and with an all-in-one unified platform, it is the perfect solution for institutions wanting to save resources and the planet. 

Ask us how we can transform your building into an energy-saving environment that makes profitability sustainable.  

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