AEMACO is An Energy Management Solutions Company

Who We Are

AEMACO is an energy management solutions company within the Proven Arabia group, established in 2020 to bring innovative energy management and energy-saving solutions to the UAE and Saudi markets. Over the past year, AEMACO has been in the R&D stage, developing our own AC monitoring and control hardware and software solution and the first of its kind to be introduced to the market. 

Building Management Made Easy

AEMACO Software Enables Easy Management of Multiple Buildings and Assets

Real-Time AC Monitoring

AEMACO’s AC Control Device Reduces Downtime for Repairs and Monitors Energy Consumption

Custom Energy Reports

Energy Consumption Reports and Customizable Schedules Available for Managers

Energy Conservation Commitment

AEMACO’s Commitment to Energy Management Solutions and Resource Conservation.

What Is An Energy Management System?

Advantages of AEMACO Smart AC Control:

  • Allows remote control of AC units from anywhere via mobile app
  • Customizable programmability to meet specific needs and schedules
  • Provides real-time information on energy consumption for easier tracking and reduced consumption
  • Early detection of potential maintenance issues for prompt corrective action
  • Compatibility with other devices for easy integration into smart building systems

Disadvantages of Traditional AC Units:

  • Lack of remote control functionality
  • Limited programmability
  • Inefficient energy consumption without real-time feedback
  • Lack of early maintenance detection and notification
  • Incompatibility with other devices and systems

Get World-Class Energy Management Solutions and Start Saving Today

If you’re a GCC business looking for an innovative energy management solutions company, look no further than AEMACO. We have worked tirelessly to create the best smart AC controller for organizations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and our commitment to sustainability, flexibility, and ease of use makes us the premier choice for future-proofing your energy-saving goals. Talk to us about how we can revolutionize your energy saving solutions and help you take total control of your operations and resources.

PROVEN Solution Group of Companies

Aemaco is a subsidiary of PROVEN Solution, a state-of-the-art venture dealing primarily with technological solutions pertaining to AI, robotics, and virtual and augmented reality solutions. Incepted in 2020, PROVEN Solution is the culmination of years of experience, research, and expertise, creating a future where technology and humanity walk hand in hand. Aemaco was established in the same year as a new entity within PROVEN Solution, with the intention of bringing innovative energy management and energy-saving solutions to the UAE and Saudi markets. PROVEN Solution’s AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics solutions span various industries and uses, and our products are integrated with unique features relevant to clients’ needs.